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Message From the Owners

Open Letter From the Owners of Affordable Plumbing


Jim and I value the relationships our company allows us to build with our clients that last for many years. Recently, he and I visited with a client who also is a friend who has used us exclusively for quite some time. Our friend reminded us of how valuable our website is connecting to our clients and reminded us of how long ago we last updated our Message From the Owners section. I am ashamed to admit, he is correct. September was the last month I visited our website and uploaded a new letter right after our company received an award for work we provided as a way to give back to our community.

The simple truth is our business continues to grow right along with the rest of the Oklahoma City metro economy.   Jim and I credit our continued growth on two fundamental pillars on which he and I first set in place two decades ago. First, Jim and I believe in the old fashioned saying that says we are only as good as our last job. Simply put, when we provide a product or service for our clients, the quality of work we provide simply cannot be compromised for any reason. Our client may be accustomed to lesser quality and may even feel satisfied with a simple "fix," but Jim and I believe we have a responsibility to stick with the problem until the problem is resolved to our satisfaction so that the client can rest assured their issue is resolved long after we leave their property.

Our other principle pillar on which we founded our company is the firm belief that our clients are not merely customers or numbers on a spreadsheet. Behind every project is a real person who reached out to us for help and trusted us enough to allow us into his or her home or business. That fundamental trust is the foundation for many long standing friendships we made with clients and even strangers who simply wanted to ask a question through the years, many of whom we frequently speak to or see while shopping. We may not be the cheapest plumber in town, but so often, when visiting with a client, I hear the question, "Who would you trust your biggest investment and home to?" It’s a valid point. The trust we receive from each of our clients humbles us every time knowing that they feel confident enough to allow us to work in their most intimate space with the same trust you would expect to find only between members of their own family.

I can list many reasons why we love the work we do and why we did not update our website, but the truth is there are no excuses for not offering at least a little insight into our experiences over the past several months. At the urging of our friend, Jim and I would love to show everyone a few pictures of our recent experiences so that everyone can see our company in action on an average day.  I promise I will also try to be more attentive to our website and update our messages in the future.

Iguana Cafe-Nichols Hills Plaza

Many of our clients in Oklahoma City remember the original Iguana Lounge back in the days when the small restaurant served customers in the area just north of the Chesapeake campus on north Western.  Our dear friend Robert Painter who operates The Iguana Mexican Grill located at NW 9th and Broadway in Oklahoma City dreamed of taking the brand back to it's old neighborhood in that same area.  The Iguana Cafe opened in the Nichols Hills Plaza to fulfill Robert's dream of taking the restaurant back to its original roots.  Robert chose our company to perform the plumbing work for his new business, which gave us a sense of purpose in helping him fulfill his dream of returning The Iguana Cafe back to its original home while helping Oklahoma City preserve an important piece of its social history.  We felt honored to play a part in the project and wish Robert our most sincere wishes for the success of his second location right in the heart of Nichols Hills.

The Building needed quite a bit of work due to its age.  Here, you can see the condition of the drain pipes in the floor, which is indicative of a building that has been in use for a long time.  

Over the course of the project, we ran all new drains, added water, and had Robert and Tony ready to move in their equipment so that The Iguana Cafe could spring to life thanks to the hard work and dedication of a team united by purpose and fueled by determination to deliver the best possible product for our client.

Various Client Projects

Adding a new gas line for an outdoor grill at a client property.

Jim working with apprentice/laborer Dalton Casteel to ensure the line is properly supported and protected from damage

Client Remodel of rental unit

New gas service line for client

Homeowner noticed a strong sewer gas smell after previous technician worked on his home-correcting an incorrect repair from previous company

Jim displaying an eight foot root ball removed from a client drain intact-quite a challenge to get it all in one piece

Dave enjoying a rare moment when he actually gets to sit down for lunch with the guys working in the field while in Midwest City

These are but a few of our recent adventures.  So often, like everyone else, we find ourselves absorbed in our work because we feel so passionate about finishing each project on time and getting the job done right the first time, every time, that we get behind in our other responsibilities such as this website.  We sincerely appreciate our friend reminding us and look forward to seeing each of our friends and neighbors as we make our service calls throughout the area.  Until our next meeting, Jim and I would like to send all of our best wishes to everyone for another wonderful Oklahoma summer and look forward to seeing each of you in the coming months.



Two slab penetrations in a clinet's home.  They look messy because they are.  The pipe below came from beneath the client's shower.  You can see the hole in the pipe clearly, which used about the same amount of water each month as three people living in the home.  The leak also washed beneath the shower pan.  We were able to save the shower, reroute the pipe, and restore the floor for the tile guy to retile the bathroom with minimal intrustion using a lot of hard work and a little ingenuity that comes only with years of experience gained working in the field.

While working on another beneath the slab leak, our client expressed how displeased he was with his water quality.  Further investigation revealed that his
anode rod in his hot water heater was eaten away by minerals that collect in the water.  Above are the old anode rod and the new replacement rod.

Jim and I received an invitation to work on a client add on for their home.  Of course we couldn't resist helping.  The client is adding a new swimming pool and a garage addition that includes a game room, home theatre, and private bathroom for entertaining and family activities.

Apprentice Jimmy Mitchell is running new hot and cold water lines for the add on.  He recently finished the drain piping rough in plumbing and is preparing for inspection so that the client and contractors can move on to the next phase of construction.  Projects such as this one take a tremendous amount of coordination between contractors.  Jim and I always pride ourselves in collecting as much information as possible from the beginning so that each project proceeds as smoothly as possible to eliminate unnecessary stress for the client.  When we say that "we'll take care of it," our clients can rest assured that they never have to wonder or worry about their projects being built correctly or any of the project goals.

Preparing to rough in plumbing for the shower and tub in the upstairs bath.  Note that the lavatories are roughed in already in the background.

One of the bathroom fixtures selected by the client for the upstairs bath.

Jim displays what the previous plumber missed when he sold his former client a new sewer line for his home.
In the background, the "new sewer line" had to be removed because of it's poor design.  Below, the new sewer line replacement
that flows perfectly all the way from the house to the sewer main shines.

"Honesty is the fundamental key to success.  Everybody makes mistakes.  I know that to be a fact because I make more mistakes than anyone I know.  It's how we learn.  The difference comes when it's time for us to admit we made a mistake so that we can put the client's needs ahead of our own ego and "determination to be right" that sets us apart from every other company out there." - Dave

When this 1 1/4 inch water line sprung a leak in the ceiling of a motel filled with guests from a recent fairgrounds attraction, our company received an emergency call.  The problem was no problem for Jim who had the pipe repaired quickly and without shutting off the water to the building.

We often attempt to explain to clients how cast iron ages in their home.  Above is an example Jim removed from a home that had the kitchen sink and lavatory on the same line.  The fittings on the cast iron are galvanized "Duram" fittings that often cannot be cleaned because of sharp bends designed to carry water under pressure.  Since the line cannot be cleaned, it often fills up with a substance much like charcoal that clogs the drain.  Instances such as this require that the system be rebuilt using modern drain waste fittings that allow access for cleaning and much better flow to ensure the system remains "self scouring."

Clients often ask us if our small company can handle large jobs.  Like small service repairs, our company does not shy away from any work our client requires to keep his or her home running smooth.  Below is an example of work our company performed on a home for a client whose drains failed.  As fate would dictate, the contractors who build the home years ago ran the drains in the most difficult areas to access, which forced us to route new drains down the center of the client's home.  Sure, the task was difficult and the work long and taxing, but Jim went to great lenghts to dedicate all of his experience to the one goal of ensuring our client should not have to sacrifice her beautiful kitchen again due to antiquated drains in inaccessable places.

The original drain mapped beneath the concrete slab

Continued pathway of the original drain beneath the kitchen cabinets to the rear.

"X" Marks the spot!  The drain rotted out at this point and could not be explored any further with a drain camera.  Follow the "X" to the intersection of the ink pen on the cabinet top and the drain ran directly beneath.

First, Jim designed a pathway for the new drain and created access to existing piping so that the new drain could connect to the home.

The work also required that we refer our client to other contractors such as Snowman Mechanical who routed the HVAC air ducts away from the path of the new drains and for us to coordinate with the homeowner's preferred concrete contractor who repaired the concrete slab once the new drains were in place-a service our company provides at no additional charge for our clients to provide our client a worry free experience from start to finish while work is performed on his or her home.

Once readied, Jim and apprentice Dalton Casteel laid the new drains with an absolute dedication to quality and a precise hand to ensure every section of pipe and every fitting went together perfectly.

Everything came together perfectly right through to the end.  This is the exact same area in the previous photo.

A Special Thank You to Each of our Customers

Jim and I realize that you have a choice when you choose your plumber, electrician, or HVAC contractor.  We're grateful for the opportunity to show you what our company can do for you both in your home and in your business.  At Affordable Plumbing, our clients have names, not account numbers because that's how we do business-with the person and not a number.  We look forward to seeing each of our regular clients and those clients we have not met yet as we make our rounds during the coming months.  We're also happy to see another year filled with opportunities that make us proud to be a part of Oklahoma's bright future, and always happy to lend a hand when and where we can.  


Jim and Dave
General Partners,
Affordable Plumbing by Jim and Dave LLC