Affordable Plumbing
"Your Personal Plumbing Professional"

About Us

When we founded our company, we never intended to be the largest company in the phone book.  We simply wanted to be the best by offering unmatched quality and service to each and every customer we serve.

A Return to Customer Oriented Business

Every plumber in the phone book has some sort of catchy slogan.  That's why we decided not to simply call ourselves "your personal plumbing professional."  At Affordable Plumbing, we live it every day we through our unmatched dedication to providing unmatched quality and service to each and every customer.  At Affordable Plumbing, we never treat our customers like a number.  We know our customers by name.
A Little History Behind the Success of Our Company

Affordable Plumbing is not simply another plumbing company hatched on the tailgate of a work truck over lunch.  James "Jim" Walker  began his career as a plumber's apprentice in Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1996.  He never missed a single opportunity to learn his trade from the ground up.  As someone who staked his personal interest in the craftsmanship of the plumbing trade, Jim continues to keep himself current on products and services that come onto the plumbing market that may benefit customers by providing innovative solutions to age old problems as the trade evolves into the 21st century.

Nine Quick Facts about James "Jim" Walker

1.  Jim was born in Hobart, Oklahoma and has been a "local boy" all of his life.

2.  Jim served two years in the United States Coast Guard at Kodiak, Alaska.

3.  Jim has extensive experience in the building and plumbing trade that ranges from simple repairs to complex commercial projects under stringent production schedules

4.  With his current experience in building trades standing at 20 years and counting, Jim continues to value innovation and constantly stives to stay abrest of cutting edge advances in construction so that he can customize individualized solutions for each individual client.

5.  Jim trained for his career as a plumber at MidDel Technology Center (formerly MidDel VoTech) where he received recognition as Outstanding Adult Plumbing Student of the Year for his class.

6.  Jim keeps himself current on both proposed changes and changes that affect the International Plumbing Code (IPC) and holds extensive experience working with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC).

7.  Jim values craftsmanship in his trade.  Unlike many plumbers today, Jim realizes that each home has its own distinct personality, which is why he never misses an opportunity to save an original fixture if he can.

8.  Jim also believes that a better educated client makes better decisions regarding his or her home or project.  He strives to bridge the gap that often separates the layperson from the professional plumber by taking the extra time to explain to each individual client his or her specific needs while customizing his recommendations to make each project come together smoothly while minimizing stress for the client.

9.  Jim has, through the years, worked with several apprentices and students.  Recently, one of his apprentices who was also a student at MidDel Technology Center placed first in the state competition for plumbing held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Another apprentice/student placed third in the same competition.  Both apprentices/students continued on to pursue their own personal careers in the plumbing trade.

David "Dave" Strayhorn represents Affordable Plumbing on the business/management side of the company.  Dave holds an equal number of years experience as both a working manager, equipment operator, and worker engaged in the building/construction trade.  Dave consistently dedicates himself to learning how to operate the company and manage company assets in a variety of different working environments while maintaining the highest standards for quality work and customer first service possible.
Nine Quick Facts about David "Dave" Strayhorn

 1.  Dave was born and raised in Seminole, Oklahoma and is proud to say he has been an "Okie" all of his life.

2.  Dave served in the U.S. Army and participated in both Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

3.  Dave completed his undergraduate work at Oklahoma State University and attended gradate school at the University of Alaska-Anchorage.

4.  Clients oftenf ind Dave working in the field where he never misses an opportunity to meet with clients to discuss their projects while working to bring the company and each indivicual client together as partners who work as a team to ensure each project's success from start to finish.

5.  In addition to interacting on a personal level with each client, Dave also works in the field as an equipment operator as needed.

6.  Dave keeps track of over 30,000 individual items and services to ensure that each project has all fo the required materials necessary so that workers can complete each project efficiently and on schedule.  In addition to keeping abreast of product availability, Dave alsos strives to keep himself educated on advances in the trade so that clients can rest assured they are receiving the most current information available for each project.

7.  Like Jim, Dave never accepts second rate work in any project, regardless of how large or small.

8.  Dave also believes that each employee or representative of the company should be held to the highest standards of professional conduct and performance to ensure that each client receives value for their hard earned money.

9.  Dave doesn't simply make promises he cannot keep.  In addition to assuring each client he will stand behind every product and service provided by Affordable Plumbing, he works very hard to ensure that that promise is kept without excuses or hassles for the client.  

"If there's any problem with a product or service we provide, we will take care of it, no quesitons asked.  It really is that simple."-Dave

Right to Left-Jim, Charles (former student/apprentice), and Dave working on a client's water service line in south Oklahoma City.  Photo courtesy of and with permission from our client.  Thank you!

The Beginning of Something Special

On June 21, 2001, Jim and Dave sat down to organize their own plumbing business model.  Before they accepted their first work assignment, both Jim and Dave sat down with actual customers to listen to each client's personal experience and expectations.  As a result, Jim and Dave learned many lessons and gained insight into customer expectations that allowed Affordable Plumbing to not simply become just another company, but a company driven to success through their "customer first" service that is not simply a slogan, but a way of life. 

Ten Promises Affordable Plumbing Delivers

1.  Respect for the customer's home, business, and property.  Affordable Plumbing arrives on time and our plumbers clean up after themselves before they leave the customer's property.
2.  Comptetent plumbers that don't just sell products.  They solve problems. 

3.  A company that places value on the individual customer instead of the size of the job.
Whether a large project or a small repair, our customers know they can count on Affordable Plumbing to deliver prompt courteous service and the respect that our customers deserve. 

4.  Plain English explanations that allow each customer to know and to understand his or her individual plumbing needs.  Affordable Plumbing believes that homeowners have a right to make informed decisions and actively participate in the maintenance and repair of their home or business before, during, and after the sale.
5.  Our best work that meets or exceeds customer needs and code requirements to ensure safe and sanitary plumbing systems customers can use with confidence for many years to come.  At Affordable Plumbing, we focus on one trade so we can emphasize craftsmanship and perform our trade very well.
6.  Quality products that deliver years of reliable service. Many of the larger companies may claim that their buying power saves customers money.  In truth, the only money that these companies are worried about is their own.  Affordable Plumbing, like the larger companies, has multiple outlets and vendors that offer products that we sell.  Our wholesale buying power allows Affordable Plumbing to emphasize quality and craftsmanship as the center of our business by offering products designed to deliver worry free service instead of sacrificing serviceability to save a few pennies for our own bottom line.

7.  Fair up front pricing  with no hidden fees designed to break the bank. 
8.  Our no nonsense guarantee that we like to keep things simple.  If we ever provide a service or a product that fails to meet our customers' needs or expectations, Affordable Plumbing will fix the problem or repair the product with no questions asked.*

9.  An experienced Oklahoma born and Oklahoma based LLC that not only promises exceptional service, but has the experience, expertise, reputation, and resources to back up every product and service we sell- no questions asked.  Unlike other contractors who come and go, we at Affordable Plumbing have lived and worked alongside our Oklahoma neighbors from day one and our company isn't going anywhere. Long after other companies pack up and leave, our customers can count on Affordable Plumbing to continue to offer exceptional quality and service to keep their home or business running smooth for many more years to come.

10.  Our 24 hour a day, seven day a week promise that Affordable Plumbing will be there when you need us.
"Our philosophy is very simple.  Our customers should never have to call another plumber just because they can't get the exceptional  service they deserve."-Dave
"We take great pride in our successful record of solving  problems that other plumbers can't."-Jim 
 *This guarantee does not apply to preexisting issues or problems that the customer elects not to address and does not apply to work that was tampered with after the fact.  Affordable Plumbing will also provide any assistance possible to help customers who need warranty service from respective product manufacturers for products sold through our company.  We also cannot guarantee drain cleaning services or repairs made to fixtures that we did not sell, but will be happy to service any needs the customer may have to the best of our ability.